Today’s Writing_What is your Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

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My notes From the Heart of Business Toolkit by Mark Silver

Why does a business exist? Why does your business exist? Or why does your story exist?

Answer: Because it helps a particular someone with a problem they are facing.

How to define your business?

Answer: Define your business by who you serve, and what they are struggling with.

For example answer: (I’m helping *these* people with *this* problem).

Another example: (I help _____________________who (struggle with, want, need, yearn for, are looking for).


How To Come up with an ELEVATOR Pitch to Anyone:

Gordon MacDonald(s) newest book called Going Deep will teach you have to be a mature person in Christ and how to inspire others to be faithful servants of Christ in your everyday walk.  He tells how leadership needs to be Christ centered in order to share with the world the words of Christ.  If our leaders of our churches are Deep into the words of Christ, and learn to live it then the world will benefit from our actions and words.  Obviously the church is changing in our modern world of this information age thus training leaders to be “deep people” is the focus of this book and how he changes his own congregation.

The opening of this book is about how on July 6th, at a baseball game in Boston atFenway Park created a new idea.  Gail and Gordon were the guests of their next door neighbors and friends, Hank and Cynthia Soriano.  Note that Hank has his own company and he is a Vice President of sales thus carries season tickets right behind the Red Sox Dugout, and that evening life changed.  Why?  Hank said to Gordon, “Hey, what would you say in your church’s elevator story?”  Might I add that Hank and his wife, Cynthia are not church going people and Gordon is the son of a pastor and he is a pastor and preacher.  So, what is an elevator pitch?  Well, imagine that you are in sales and you have 13 floors in an elevator to “tell exactly what your company and or church (in this case) does?”  The book exchanges the stories of how the lives in their church are changing as they find out the answers to what their church is doing today that would attract others to attend their church or just any church.  The elevator pitch should speak to the “unchurched.”

After reading this book I have realized that churches are changing and we do need deep people who are committed to Christ in order to attract all types of people to the new world churches as they conquer their quest to keep Christ first.

BookSneeze gave me a copy for my honest review. Jackie Paulson © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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9 Responses to Today’s Writing_What is your Elevator Pitch

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  2. The Hook says:

    Brilliant as usual!

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Quick responding is necessary for elevator pitch ,but a humor for the oldies don`t talk to strangers blah,blah,blah i think never helpful at this generation we have to be open for others to know what`s going on 🙂

    • Great point! But in all honesty even if you or I never ever have to repeat “our elevator” pitch, it is now established and can help us concentrate on our goals. Like I have a goal to keep this blog “sparkling with writing, and attract readers and publish books I am working on.” Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for passing on this insight, Jackie! Such a great suggestion, answering the ‘why’ of our writing. We can’t answer, time to go back to the drawing board. 😉

    Another question I find useful is the proverbial “What if…”, which works well for starting and pitching stories. (“What if a child, who sees with dead people, helps their loved ones find peace,” for example — the 6th Sense.) As writers, I think questioning our characters, stories, life in general and our selves is key.

  5. I do agree so much Frizztext churches have to be different to accommodation- everyone and the new age with all the modern day developments and gadgets.

  6. frizztext says:

    Be the change – even churches are a-changin’!

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