Books and New Publishing vs. Old

A Disaster for Readers

Today I wanted to share with you what I found Below:  I give all Credit to this author.

To the Editor:

Re “Amazon Signing Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal” (front page, Oct. 17):

Books and other written works enable us to think and rethink. In the traditional publishing world, an editor works intimately with a writer to sharpen the writing, to mold works that provoke and challenge readers.

In the new publishing model, the writer works more or less on her own. Editorial suggestions and changes tend to be superficial, if they exist at all.

This new method of delivering written work may benefit some writers. It may disadvantage many publishers and literary agents. But it is disastrous for all readers.

New York, Oct. 17, 2011

The writer is the author of four books.


What I think is going on is that Amazon is trying to say that the eBook world of publishing which is new vs. the old ways of publishing are in a real competition.  Although I believe that I will always want to read the hard copies.  Let’s just say we have a world of older generations that do not own a computer, what do they do?  They want the real copy of a book.  And what about those with a disability that cannot get to a computer or the new world ways of communicating?  They will want the hard copies of the books.  I do see so many errors today and to me, that brings about the traditional values of the old ways of doing things.  That is with a publisher, editor or someone to pay to help writers.

For example like Christmas traditions, they are still around are they not?  We have to remember that the media says things to “get others to respond.”  I do respond by saying that the new world ways will not always be successful and it is a new fad and what was once gone away comes back.

Your opinions?

New World Publishing doing it yourself or

Old World Publishing with the traditional values?


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17 Responses to Books and New Publishing vs. Old

  1. The Hook says:

    I’ve decided to use Amazon’s CreateSpace to publish my first book, so this post really hit home. Nice work, Jackie.

  2. Imogen Shepard says:

    Hey Jackie. The new way of doing things scares me because I am not the best writer and grammatically correct and as I’d love to write a book one day I would most definitely want to sit down with an Editor to get the writing fine tuned and for the suport really.

    However; a friend of mine couldn’t get her book published because it is ‘too real’ when in fact it’s a great story, so she had no choice but to self-publish.

    So I think that there is a place for both and they should exist sid by side and not be lost to the other.

  3. I have to agree with you on always desiring hard copies for certain books. (Who wants a favorite author scribbling autographs on their Kindle?? ;))

    I personally believe that the ebook boom benefits all parties in publishing, as long as we approach it right–learn how to benefit ourselves and readers. Studies show that book sales have been on the rise, even during the recession, much due to ebooks. I’m buying more books than ever…some in ebook AND hard copy. (Click-&-buy makes it too easy! ;))

    Insightful post. Thanks, Jackie!

  4. Alexander Bengtsson says:

    I’m an old-school dude, for pretty much everything…

    This publishing issue is related to the informatic obsolescence. In ten years from now, given the breakneck speed at which technology evolves, I bet there will be no more hardware to read an eBook.

    I just made the switch to cloud computing (for convenience reasons, and a bit of curiosity too, I admit) and realized how much a monstrous punch in the face of traditional publishing it is.

    We still have 3000 years old mesopotamian clay tablets we can read. Why should we ditch traditional publishing? Because we don’t need middleman jobs anymore?

    I don’t think so.

    Also, to me, a book has a history, an affective value. No eBook can mimic or replace that.

    A book lives. We can touch it, smell it, interact with it. We can underline traits with a pencil if we want.

    No eBook will ever come close.

    Enough ramblings. I guess you get my point!

    • Alexander, I agree that, “A book lives. We can touch it, smell it, interact with it. We can underline traits with a pencil if we want.” and…
      No eBook will ever come close.
      I have always used a pencil to underline important parts of a book whether I need it for my notebook of ideas or quotes I love..but mostly so I can remember that book and or make notes and now I am doing book reviews. So, sitting in front of a computer to read a story is just not my “thing.” Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment.

  5. nelle says:

    I don’t know publishing, I just know the stories that form up in my head. I try my best to transcribe and refine, and give each a distinctive identity.

    I can see where a professional editor is a must, since we are way too close to our work.

    When the time comes where I am ready to present it to others for scrutiny, I guess then I’ll learn the evolving environment of publishing, from editors to agents onward.

  6. Fern Jardín says:

    I don’t think the point is which format is “better” but how amateurs are circumventing an established process that produces a “better” product for the consumer. No matter the publishing house (online or traditional), the writer needs to treat their work professionally and have good editing and marketing practices.

  7. I totally agree with you, and yes I am a hard copy girl. Great point on the HOW TO, and ebooks, that is something I do too…I purchase the information on ebooks for my life now. Or should I say if I want it now. Quickly. But in the long run, hard copies are what I love. I think we need sites that only offer Reviews for people who want to read Hard copies and review them. I do many of these on other sites like blogging for books for free. I never opt for the ebook format.

    • Ermilia says:

      My coauthor and I write reviews for books in either format in part because we’re in different countries and we don’t want to limit ourselves to reviewing books based on where the author is willing to ship. I was lucky enough to get an author who lives in the US for Adopt an Indie month so I get a paperback copy of Eolyn to review, but I’ve also written a review for Farsighted of which I now have an ebook copy.

      If anyone is interested, there’s still some free paperbacks up for grabs from indie authors here: You just have to flip through and find them.

      • I did stop by you “ermilia”- I do not know about Indie authors as of yet but I am now signed up on your list. Thanks for the helpful link, everyone can benefit from it, bloggers, authors, writers, editors, publishers! 🙂 What a blessing to have you stop by me today.

        • Ermilia says:

          Thank you for stopping by, I hope to be able to continue interacting with you. If you would ever like a book reviewed, leave us a comment on our blog and if it is a genre one of us reviews, we’ll be glad to.


  8. Ermilia says:

    I don’t think the readers are going to be hurt by this. I think freelance editors are going to profit because readers are not going to put up with poor work from authors. The trend may be to cut agents and publishers out but good writing will prevail. Quality book covers and well written stories by authors who care enough about their product to produce a quality product are going to soar, self-published or not. They are the ones who are going to get repeat readers while the authors who don’t spend the money on making their work the best it can be may make sales, but won’t keep them. My coauthor and I have already submitted our work for manuscript analysis in the process of finding an agent. If you’re going to cut out the time or money publishers invest in your work, you have to invest the money yourself.

    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

  9. sufilight says:

    Anyone who is about to publish a book on their own needs the services of a professional editor. As for hard copies of books, I can’t see the advantage of having all books downloaded in a Kindle or having them in E-book format as I personally enjoy taking a hard book with me to read in the park, on an airplane, or to the living room in order to get away from my office and computer. However, I find E-Books can be practical if one wants a ‘how to’ information quickly (have purchased a few in the past) but getting rid of the old way of reading is not a good idea.

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