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How to Add a Tweet This Button To Any Document

on September 12, 2011 · 17 Comments

How do you make it easy to get people interested in helping you tell their friends and connections about what you’re doing?

Make it easy for them to tweet.

On a blog it’s easy to add a reweet or share button. I really recommend the Topsy Retweet Button because it keeps an accurate account of the retweets – something other buttons don’t always do well.  It also counts the tweets as trackbacks and comments tend to get started when a trackback is already recorded. But that’s not what this post is about.

How do you add a Tweet This Button in a document?

Use the Tweet text code:

and add the pre-populated tweet you want. Now I’ve added the following to a hypertext link in the footer of my Twitter Tips from @RevTrev. The text it’s linked to is “Tweet This Book – Thank You!’m reading Twitter Tips from @RevTrev and am so surprised he’s giving it away for free!


1 Response to How to add RETWEET to your blog?

  1. Kesha Brown says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been to several blogs to learn how to do this easily and yours is the only one who gave me very simple instructions with the correct text and it works perfectly!

    Thanks so much!


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