Writing Programs

Writing Programs

I’m listing a number of programs I’ve used in the past that I’ve found helpful in my own journey toward publication.

Google Documentsonline service that handles documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. Free

Zoho.com– online service includes documents, spreadsheets, presentation, email, groups, calendar and tons more. Some free, some cost.

ThinkFree.com– online MS Office. includes PDF conversion and viewers.

Skydrive- Windows version of online MS Office.

Ywriter– free novel-writing software. There is a slight learning curve, but allows for creating scenes, character biography, and storyboards.

Storybook– free software for writing novels. Donation required to remove ads.

Write or Die– allows writers to use for rewriting and/or timed writing spurts.

Chapter-by-chapter- Handy program that breaks up your documents’ chapter into documents and can later assemble them into a book.

Word Frequency Counter

Phrase Frequency Couner Preposition Highlighters

Passive Word Highlighter

Count Lines– addon Macros for MS Word.

OpenOffice.org– free program that works similar to MS Office. Includes documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

WordWeb- a dictionary/thesaurus that works with browsers and word processors.

Text Analyzer

Evernote– works much like Google Notebook but includes Iphone/Ipad apps and a desktop program that syncs with your information. You can make ‘notebooks’ and ‘notes, to store information, photos, links, and even web pages in one spot.

Google Notebook

Bubbl.us– free online mind-mapping service

PDF online Free

PDF Creator

Word Meter– helps you build a word meter to show your progress for a blog or website.

Book Data Calculator– calculates pages of books from your total word count.

Text Analysis– uuseful tool for keyword density. A tool for bloggers and web writers.

Tip of my Tongue– helps you find words and phrases.

YLaunch– handy tool to startup multiple programs/documents with one click.

Sonar– submission tracking software Free

Epinions.com – reviews of products and services

AssociatedContent (Yahoo Contributors)– Sell articles and earn upfront payment, then earn residual income.

up-front payments ($3+) for articles of 500+ words.

Amazon Kindle– publish your blogs with Amazon.

Amazon Self PublishCreatespace is a company that offers print-on-demand services.


5 Responses to Writing Programs

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  2. jakesprinter says:

    I Train a lot here thanks for support Ms Jackie 🙂

  3. Rois says:

    That’s very usefull information, thanks for sharing!

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