Fireproof (THE MOVIE)

Fireproof (THE MOVIE)

Fireproof (film)

Fireproof (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kirk Cameron stars as Caleb Holt, a dedicated firefighter whose marriage has taken a severe turn for the worse and is about to end in divorce. But just when hope seems to be running out, his Christian father intervenes in this inspirational drama.

FIREPROOF is the third feature film from Sherwood Pictures the creators of FACING THE GIANTS and FLYWHEEL.

Kirk Cameron is a Christian.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kirk Cameron
Cameron at CPAC in February 2012.
Born Kirk Thomas Cameron
October 12, 1970 (age 41)
Panorama CityCalifornia,United States
Occupation Actor, evangelist, TV show host
Years active 1979–present
Spouse Chelsea Noble (1991–present)


Kirk Thomas Cameron (born October 12, 1970) is an American actor best known for his role as Mike Seaver on the television situation comedy Growing Pains (1985–1992), as well as several other television and film appearances as a child. In the 1980s and 1990s, Cameron appeared in dozens of television shows and in the films Like Father Like Son and Listen to Me.

Recently, he portrayed Cameron “Buck” Williams in the Left Behind film series and Caleb Holt in the 2008 drama film, Fireproof. Cameron is also an active Christian evangelist, currently partnering with Ray Comfort in the evangelical ministry The Way of the Master, and has co-founded The Firefly Foundation with his wife, actress Chelsea Noble.

I am a huge Christian and have studied the bible and Kirk Cameron.  I admire how he has stepped out as an actor in order to share the glory of God.

I knew that Kirk was a Christian and loved how he played his character!  He knows both sides of the fence of not being a Christian to accepting Christ as his personal savior.  I have also been on both sides of the fence.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Kirk plays the role of a firefighter and the main message is “Never leave your partner.” Wow, what a great way to save a marriage!  For 7 years Kirk uses words and actions in his marriage to make it where his wife finally wants to get a divorce.  Then Kirk has a talk with his parents about it and the dad says wait 40 days.  His dad sent in the mail a journal that he is to follow each day.   In this journal is how to serve his wife and each day has something new to do.  So Kirk is hesitant in doing these things but does them anyhow.  In the end, he becomes a Christian and saves his own marriage.  Wow, I think if all men read this book, see the movie and actually follow through on this they will transform their own marriages!  Amen to that.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved!

Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89

Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Everyone needs a breather, and enjoy quality time away from such tension. Take an hour or so of quality offline time each day, or a day during the weekends. Just switch off from the Net. You’ll realize that you feel much more energetic and alive when you’re moving around and talking to people.


jkklglh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

  • What are your favorite resources as a writer?
  • Where do you go for inspiration?
  • How do you find time to read?
  • What is the last great book you read?

My last books I have read are:

Reality Creation 101 by Christopher A. Pinckley

Mastering Manifestation through Awareness

This wonderful book was created in 2008 and written beyond its predictions of what happens when you follow the Law of Attraction and manifest your desires.

You will learn;

  • How to heal your unconscious
  • Understand the process of manifestation
  • How to release emotional wounds
  • How to quit the cycle of self sabotage
  • Become powerful
  • Become self aware

The author had much success when he did a program with Dr. Joe Vitale with much popularity of “Money Beyond Belief” program.  Christopher is no stranger to the Law of Attraction, perhaps this book is a complete manual for learning it and it acts as a guidebook to help the reader understand in a simple fashion.  We all love stories and Christopher Pinckley tells personal stories that help us all learn and remember how the Law of Attraction applies to him and to our own lives.

If you are tired of feeling powerless to create what you want in life this book will help you.  If you are not sure what you are attracting in your life and why you are attracting certain circumstances this book walks you through how to conquer it. You know if you are on the right track when you are creating the life of your desires effortlessly.

“The Art of Manifestation is the ability to harness spiritual energy to create specific things in your life on command. “  The more you practice the techniques in this book the faster you will get the results you wish for.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction by David William Lowell

I received this book for free from for my review.  David Lowell grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA and acquired two degrees one in Civil Engineering and German.  He is married to Pamela David’s message is to stay positive 24/7 and in his book he teaches more than just the law of attraction but how to stay positive in difficult situations we deal with every single day with examples.

“The ego is I in his book and True Self is separate from the mind and body, which is the principle behind life, action, feeling and thought.”

It is important to know how our ego works in everyday life vs. the true self.  What I love best is his example of learning how to do everything out of gratitude and in serving others so our ego doesn’t get in our way.  He also shows us how to smile “all the time” even if you are in a bad mood, because it turns the negativity into positive energy and changes the mood around us.

The real life examples can help anyone take a bad attitude and turn it into positive.  For example, in dealing with others who are just down and out we need to send love to them.  Just changing our karma to good will help the other person change around you or flee elsewhere.  I know from experience that it works.

This book is not the same old “law of attraction” of ask, believe, receive and faith.  It is much more in depth and helps the skeptics feel better about themselves and the world around them.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson

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Pro’s vs. Con’s

I was searching the internet when I found this wonderful stair case which gives two choices. You can take the stairs or slide down the stairs. Now why didn’t I have that option when I grew up in the 60’s? Today this is such a great idea with kids and it is high enough on the side not to worry about falling off.

Then I found this pro’s vs. Con’s sheet that I know would benefit some of my daily decisions. When I grew up I was always taught of the Pro’s vs. Con’s in making my decisions and I need to do some more of it. What do you think?

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Happy 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

Happy 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

In 2012 Girl Scouts of the USA will mark 100 years of inspiring girls and young women with the ideals of courage, confidence and character. Millions of active Girl Scouts, volunteers and alumnae will come together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting.

I was a “girl Scout” and I believe I was a Brownie. Here are my badges and I was born 12/12/1966!

Jackie Paulson Girl Scouts Badges! © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I remember going out selling cookies to our friends, family, and neighbors. Remember Thin Mints, Samoa’s and those peanut butter cookies? It’s quite remarkable to see the impression that Girl Scout Cookies have on the culture!Some popular celebrities were in the girl scouts too!

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Reese Witherspoon
  3. Laura Bush
  4. Katie Couric
  5. Dakota Fanning
Things have changed a lot since the 1960’s for the girl Scouts.  The first girls troop was formed by eighteen girls in Georgia with the founder being Juliette Gordon Low.  In the 21st Century there are new badges to keep up with the times such as;
  1. Technology
  2. Engineering
  3. Movie making
  4. Financial Literacy
  5. Web Design
Did you know that as of TODAY membership stands at 3.2 MILLION?????  Talk about progress and growth!  Thanks to all of the girls and women who  have dedicated their lives to keeping the Girl Scouts alive for the Th Anniversary of 2012!
The cookies have come a long way too, they started selling sugar cookies in 1917, at 15 cents a dozen.  And to celebrate their centennial, the scouts have introduced Savannah Smiles, a limited-distribution lemon cookie.  Have you tried them?

I remember that in each weeks meeting we all had to say the PLEDGE:

I will do my best to be

Honest and fair,

Friendly and helpful,

Considerate and caring,

Courageous and strong, and

Responsible for what I say and do,

And to

respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place, and

be a sister to every Girl Scout.

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