Pro’s vs. Con’s

I was searching the internet when I found this wonderful stair case which gives two choices. You can take the stairs or slide down the stairs. Now why didn’t I have that option when I grew up in the 60’s? Today this is such a great idea with kids and it is high enough on the side not to worry about falling off.

Then I found this pro’s vs. Con’s sheet that I know would benefit some of my daily decisions. When I grew up I was always taught of the Pro’s vs. Con’s in making my decisions and I need to do some more of it. What do you think?


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8 Responses to Pro’s vs. Con’s

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  2. mizqui says:

    Great parallel between pictures. Great thinking points too. Weighing the Pro’s and Con’s can certainly make a heap of a difference in any outcome if done before hand. (-: Thanks for keeping up on our toes. I think I’ll take the stairs instead of the rail today – into calorie burning. lol!

  3. Cee Neuner says:

    Those stairs/slide are gorgeous!

  4. Kate Kresse says:

    Love, love, love the pro and con. What a way to keep us focused, right? I am giving you The Sunshine Award~ you deserve it.

  5. nelle says:

    I can picture my mother on the slide, and she would, too!

  6. orples says:

    I saw that same staircase somewhere else. It is a masterpiece, and no doubt a delight for some happy kid(s) to glide down from the second story level. It could serve as an exercise machine, if you stop and think about it. LOL.

    When I was a child, we slid down the bannister to get downstairs. The only downside I can remember to Christmas in those days, is that my mother would hang boughs and bows across and down the banisters, making them off limits to ‘sliding’ until after the holidays were over. I’m sure some kid will have happy childhood memories revolving around that beautiful staircase ensemble.

  7. What a fabulous staircase Jackie! And oh my honey, if I had used that pro con list in the past I would have been much much better off. Oh the joys of hind site!

  8. Hi Jackie! I love that staircase. I’m with you, why of why did we not have such cool things growing up in the 60’s? Culd it be we were still to close as a country to WWII and the depression?
    I wonder.

    Also love your pro & con page. This s a tool we taught our two girl’s from an early age. Weigh things, before choosing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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