Happy 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

Happy 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

In 2012 Girl Scouts of the USA will mark 100 years of inspiring girls and young women with the ideals of courage, confidence and character. Millions of active Girl Scouts, volunteers and alumnae will come together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting.

I was a “girl Scout” and I believe I was a Brownie. Here are my badges and I was born 12/12/1966!

Jackie Paulson Girl Scouts Badges! © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I remember going out selling cookies to our friends, family, and neighbors. Remember Thin Mints, Samoa’s and those peanut butter cookies? It’s quite remarkable to see the impression that Girl Scout Cookies have on the culture!Some popular celebrities were in the girl scouts too!

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Reese Witherspoon
  3. Laura Bush
  4. Katie Couric
  5. Dakota Fanning
Things have changed a lot since the 1960’s for the girl Scouts.  The first girls troop was formed by eighteen girls in Georgia with the founder being Juliette Gordon Low.  In the 21st Century there are new badges to keep up with the times such as;
  1. Technology
  2. Engineering
  3. Movie making
  4. Financial Literacy
  5. Web Design
Did you know that as of TODAY membership stands at 3.2 MILLION?????  Talk about progress and growth!  Thanks to all of the girls and women who  have dedicated their lives to keeping the Girl Scouts alive for the Th Anniversary of 2012!
The cookies have come a long way too, they started selling sugar cookies in 1917, at 15 cents a dozen.  And to celebrate their centennial, the scouts have introduced Savannah Smiles, a limited-distribution lemon cookie.  Have you tried them?

I remember that in each weeks meeting we all had to say the PLEDGE:

I will do my best to be

Honest and fair,

Friendly and helpful,

Considerate and caring,

Courageous and strong, and

Responsible for what I say and do,

And to

respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place, and

be a sister to every Girl Scout.


About Jackie Paulson LOVES BOOKS

About Jackie Paulson You love to help others solve problems you are Intuitive; (Jackie uses her intuitive skills to help others solve their problems). YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS CANNOT SEE. You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. (Jackie can predict future events by reading and feeling others moods). You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word. (Jackie is a true empath because she knows what other people are thinking before they say a word). Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS (Jackie can show love to others even to those who have been emotionally, mentally, physically, verbally abused). People turn to Jackie for Direction and Hope and New Ideas. (Jackie can lead others in the right direction and bring hope when there seems to be none left). I DO BOOK REVIEWS email me at jackiepaulson8@outlook.com
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5 Responses to Happy 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts!

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  2. Jackie Paulson says:

    Thanks for the wonderful wishes to the Girl Scouts on their anniversary. Maybe this is part of the reason I am so organized!

  3. fgassette says:


    Keep on cooking!


  4. nelle says:

    Such a wonderful and inclusive organisation.

  5. orples says:

    I was a girl scout about 40 years ago. I had a sash (still have it) will all of my badges on it. I remember selling (and eating) all of those yummy cookies like it was yesterday. So here is joining you, in wishing them, a happy 100th Anniversary.

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