Do you feel sentimental about your stuff?

I love this scene in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Toula’s about to get married, and the grandmother brings in one box of hermost precious things to share with her granddaughter.

Inside the box are old photos, heirloom jewelry, and a wedding garland.

These keepsakes have been carefully chosen and treasured, and each item carries significantly personal meaning.


When it comes to keeping sentimental things:

the fewer things you keep, the more special they are.

The opposite is true as well: too many sentimental things become less loved and more burdensome.  Keepsakes are meant to give an inspiring glimpse and momentary remembrance of the past.  They aren’t meant to be a full historical archive that will consume someone’s current life.

Do you need to lighten up your sentimental keepsakes?

Here’s how this works:

Keep: love letters your husband wrote when you were dating
Don’t keep: cards and letters from former boyfriends

Keep: an invitation from your wedding
Don’t keep: the paper napkins and matchbooks embossed with your name

Keep: your baby’s hospital hat and bracelet
Don’t keep: your baby’s stroller and car seat

Keep: a photo of your 3rd grade softball team
Don’t keep: the trophies and medals awarded at the end of season pizza parties

Keep: a birthday card from your granny
Don’t keep: every birthday card from your granny


Do you have anything to add or subtract?


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2 Responses to Clutter

  1. Jackie Paulson says:

    I really love your passion, and I do agree about what you said that grandmothers and relative’s notes, cards, etc can be a priceless gem. Passing those down to our children does show that era, which is something everyone needs to consider. Thank you for sharing with all of us here on this blog.

  2. Hi Jackie!
    Awesome post. I agree whole heartily with almost each of your great tips. I too believe ha lightening our load in our own life is paramount to being content, happy and satisfied.

    The one exception is the birthday cards from grandmothers.

    As a family story teller, and archivist, of my families history and story I find that greeting cards from older relatives are rare jewels, adding rich content which lends to credible tidbits of family information for future generations.

    Grandmothers tend to leave notes in their cards, notes about them selves, the weather that the write about even will valuable info to the family archivist in even as little as 20 years.
    My own grandmother’s, and even my husband’s grandparent’s cards, letters and notes have added rich texture and layers to our families history that other wise would be lost, never to be told to future generations again. Instead our daughter’s, their children have these stories, these tidbits to share and as ears go on they too will be adding additional layers with cards, notes, etc that they receive from my generation.

    And one more thing. Those cards have art work that also are representative of the era. Also gems for family histories.

    Thanks so much for allowing me to share a personal passion with you.~

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