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March 1, 2012:

By Tammy Boynton on Mar 01, 2012 05:00 am

March 1, 2012: “There are those who seem to have all, all that they need and far more than what they should. It is not for one to judge what another should or should not have, as it is for each to work on their own journey, success, and accomplishment of who they are. What seems as one having all is a perspective limited by only what you do see. There is much for all souls to learn, and accomplish, regardless of the things you see they have. Focus not on another of what they have, of what they do not do, focus only on your own mission in this life and on no others. Each will find their way, and it is for them to choose to share, to give of themselves of their time, and it is this for all regardless of what they do seem to have. Judge not another for appearance of what seems to be, as there is always far more to see than what is from one’s limited perspective of another.”

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Today I installed from Google Chrome some extensions that really helped me a lot!  I could not get RSS reader and with the new Google extensions I now can!  I wanted to post something simple, as I work 12 hour days now. Blessings to all of you my Faithful Readers, and Commentors.

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About Jackie Paulson You love to help others solve problems you are Intuitive; (Jackie uses her intuitive skills to help others solve their problems). YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS CANNOT SEE. You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. (Jackie can predict future events by reading and feeling others moods). You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word. (Jackie is a true empath because she knows what other people are thinking before they say a word). Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS (Jackie can show love to others even to those who have been emotionally, mentally, physically, verbally abused). People turn to Jackie for Direction and Hope and New Ideas. (Jackie can lead others in the right direction and bring hope when there seems to be none left). I DO BOOK REVIEWS email me at
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  1. Very cool post. I’m taking and copying the text. I love how it is so eloquently stated. Thanks for sharing that.

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