Non Stop Talkers…..

How do you deal with non stop talkers?

I can understand if a kid or even a teenager wants to go on and on about “topics” of importance to “them.”  I really don’t think that is a bad thing, as it is a way of communication.

But…what if its a co worker who you “have to deal with day in and out?”

From what I read on the internet is to basically give them a blank stare, and do not nod, or go uha, or anything.  Just stare blankly.  Do you recommend this?


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9 Responses to Non Stop Talkers…..

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  3. nuvofelt says:

    This is one of the benefits of working for yourself! No-one to deal with like this any more. I’ve worked with a few in my life, though… I’m so thankful. I think a blank stare would do it.

  4. nelle says:

    If they persist, politely tell them you have to get work done. If that doesn’t work, explain they belabour the point, and if still they persist, go to your boss, although that is for extreme cases.

  5. amira says:

    yeah that’s the right approach. Just ignore. give a blank stare and do not nod 🙂

    I have a colleague who likes talking … when I say talking … it just goes on and on and on …
    and every tiny minuscule thing becomes so huge with exaggeration …
    I finally have learnt to walk out as soon as my purpose is met. Good thing I’m not scooped in the same office with her now.
    but whenever I am, I have started to talk about ME and my stuff nonstop … giving her a bit of the same thing as she gives the rest of us … and I think it helps. It’s not easy, the moment I start to talk she starts a bit louder on another topic and I repeat the same thing …. Not easy because I am not the talkative type … but it helps. But the side effect is not too desirable because now I find I am more talkative than I was earlier 😀 😆

  6. Perhaps wear ear buds and an I-pod for the regular non-stop talking co-worker?

    Other wise I would politely, but firmly, say,”I’m sorry. I always seem to be in a time crunch when you (we) are talking. I have to run. Again!”

  7. sufilight says:

    I have met the occasional non-stop talkers throughout the years, and I still haven’t found a way to get them to stop talking. A blank stare sounds like a good idea, LOL because you are not feeding the conversation, but I don’t know if I would recommend it, as each person is unique. When I have met the non-stop talker, I may have found an excuse to get out of the conversation such as needing to leave or to take care of something… others times I have been trapped in the conversation, not fun, makes me a little dizzy ;).

  8. No, I say go to the bathroom and hope they don’t follow you.

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