Day 3: Writing Challenge

Day 3

So far in this first week we learned about writing a contract to yourself to commit yourself to writing and then on Day 2

we learned to schedule your writing that best suits your schedule.

Today we will decide upon the blog, article, novel, or ___________ the story you are going to write.

I am working on one right now and here is what I have so far:

Hello, my name is Sandra Lock.  I am a single mom of a two-year old girl.  My husband decided to leave us when our daughter was two years old for a younger woman. Can you believe that?  It seems to be the trend of men these days as it is the 21st century.  My typical day is getting Amy ready for daycare, dropping her off at eight am and then rushing off to work at the local Salon/Spa where I work every day but Sundays and Mondays.  After serving clients all day I rush to get Amy from the daycare center before it closes at six pm sharp.  The reason I cannot be late is because the daycare does not have insurance for after hour care.  If I am not able to pick her up I have to make arrangements for another person to do this and being a single mom with no family nearby and no friends; I make it my goal to get Amy on time each day.  Once we get home from both of our day, I cook, clean, do laundry, play with Amy and do what needs to be done.  I am playing the mommy and the daddy as Amy’s dad moved away and does not want to spend time with Amy as he agreed in our divorce decree.  Speaking of that let me tell you what happens once you file for a divorce.  I decided I wanted the divorce because he cheated on me.  I decided since I am a faithful Christian whom follows the bible and the commandments are the up most important and to be obeyed.  The bible says, “Thou shall not commit adultery.”  This is the basis of why I chose to divorce my ex Jeremy.  Jeremy was the perfect husband and mate for me ~ as so I thought.  Although committing adultery was not what I expected from such a hard-working and wonderful husband.  I did not want the divorce other than he cheated on me.  So one day Jeremy walks in the door as I have dinner ready on the table for six hours and now is cold, and says to me, “I fell out of love with you, here is your wedding ring to me, I am leaving you for another woman.”  I remember wanting to talk and he just walked out.  It was late in the evening and our daughter was asleep and he didn’t even go say goodbye to her or kiss her or anything.  I fell apart!  I cried and called my best friend and was devastated.

My second story:

Sandra and Holly are in their mid thirties getting ready to go out to the bars to drink, dance and hopefully meet some guys to talk to.

On this particular day it was a Sunday and we go to the local bar in town called “Club 21.”  This club was famous for karaoke singers who do a fantastic job entertaining the audience as they sing the most recent songs of the 21st century.

So here we are standing around mingling when two men walk in and approach the bar.  One had blonde hair and the other was a tattooed, biker type with a blue bandanna.  I watched as they were ordering drinks and after they finished those I walked up to the bar and asked if I could buy their next drinks.  It was my way to talk and introduce myself to Rich and Jeff.  I wanted to talk to Rich and Holly wanted to talk to Jeff and that is exactly what happened next.  We joined them in a round of drinks and realized they had gotten to the bar on their motorcycles not just any bike but the Anniversary Edition of the Harley Davidson.  Holly and I love to ride on motor cycles so as we got to talking they asked if we would like a ride.


About Jackie Paulson LOVES BOOKS

About Jackie Paulson You love to help others solve problems you are Intuitive; (Jackie uses her intuitive skills to help others solve their problems). YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS CANNOT SEE. You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. (Jackie can predict future events by reading and feeling others moods). You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word. (Jackie is a true empath because she knows what other people are thinking before they say a word). Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS (Jackie can show love to others even to those who have been emotionally, mentally, physically, verbally abused). People turn to Jackie for Direction and Hope and New Ideas. (Jackie can lead others in the right direction and bring hope when there seems to be none left). I DO BOOK REVIEWS email me at
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8 Responses to Day 3: Writing Challenge

  1. The Hook says:

    You are to be commended for your level of committment to your craft, Jackie! Well done!

  2. jakesprinter says:

    This is a great post Ms Jackie 🙂

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  5. I love the idea of making a writing contract with yourself… Agents and publishers won’t offer any if we don’t first write ourselves. When we love writing, and/or feel sad if we skip it, it should be a top priority.

    Thanks for sharing your imaginative stories, Jackie! Where will they lead?? 🙂

    • Thanks for you comment (AUGUST)-I really don’t know where my stories will lead, they are about me and my life but changing the characters and things… I know it’s a work in progress and I have a commitment to myself with my contract so I know it’s my #1 priority.

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  7. is my blogging friends link and he has a great blog and quotes too! 🙂 Please Stop by him.

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