Errors and Editing

This is going to be a quick post today.  I was bogged down with another job and wanted to share with you my sincere apology.

I am a very big time reader, it’s my favorite thing to do in my past time.  I started this site to be able to share that I have been doing edits for documents for others for pay.

I did a 24 hour turn around for a client and this client will publish my name in her book, Hey what about that!! 🙂

Either way, just a note to say that in this information age, the quality of books are not as they use to be.  I find more errors in every single book or eBook that I read that I feel that editors and proof readers will be something the future needs more of.

Do you agree or disagree?

Do you find errors in books, ebooks, writings?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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17 Responses to Errors and Editing

  1. nrhatch says:

    Congrats on the new gig, Jackie. I had to smile at your typo:

    Either way, just a note to say that in this information age, the quality of books are not as they use to be. ~ should be “the quality of books IS not as IT used to be. 😉

  2. The Hook says:

    Considering how many errors I make, I Have to agree!
    Great post!

  3. nelle says:

    When I write, the first draft tends to be story-centric, with less emphasis on grammar. I’ll at least work through spell check, but my first goal is get the idea down. Once I have a rough draft in place, then the heavy editing begins, where I’ll run through multiple times spaced over months.

    With blogging, where my posts are distraction and not focus, I tend to give a cursory once over, with not much in the way of editing. Whether this is my spirit rebelling from the heavy work in novel writing, I know not.

  4. Hey Jackie,

    I recently scored a new day job as a proof reader, and as a result have been seeing more errors everywhere. Particularly in things I write, but only after I’ve pressed “Send”….. E-publishing is a good thing, but there are loads of options for the writer to go straight from thinking of the idea through to publishing worldwide on the web, and that’s not always best for them. There was an internet storm not too long ago when I writer self-pubbed a book that had some excrutiating prose in it, then beefed up her own reviews on Amazon and other places. That’s one thing, but then when someone else posted an honest review on his own site, she turned up online and was VERY abusive. He had offered a fair critcism, but she felt she didn’t have to take it because she was published…..

  5. Hi Jackie, this is an important post. I am not a professional writer nor editor. I have for some 13 years in the past worked as a desktop publishier. There was little actual editing on my part of the writing, but it did teach me to be a bit more conscious of the end result. Because I am not trained as an editor, I do worry about the quality of my writing and the correct grammar involved. I miss a lot. Later in the year, or the beginning of next year, I want to self publish an art book, which will consist of my images and prose from my artblog posts. I think your services will be of great help to me when it comes time for editing the text. I would really appreciate soliciting your service at that time.

    • Waltersmith, thanks for the compliments…I would gladly help you in any way you need. You are very ambitious and will do well with your own book. Always believe that and know that others like myself will benefit from your writing and expertise in the subject of your love. I will be here and if you need anything in the meantime my email is bless you walter.

  6. Alexander Bengtsson says:

    You know I’m with Seth and the folks at the Domino Project. We had a conversation about this a few ago. Look up the authors’ blogs (when they have one). It’s horrifying to see this “race to the bottom”. Yet, I can’t help but think that some errors are there to remind us that we’re human, full of flaws, and not soul-less machines…

    • I have to agree we are all human and make mistakes. I have been doing Book reviews before they get published by “popular authors” and I found five errors in the first five pages. I guess it bothers me and not most others, and that is good to know.

  7. I totally agree Jackie. I recently read and edited a book for someone just before it got published and although I wasn’t asked to edit it, I felt compelled to make a long list of changes and send it to them. Luckily they took these on board and appreciated what I had done. I find it difficult to read something with errors in.
    Take care

    • Thanks so much Sandra, I do agree with you and I did edits in the past that I did for free and told them about. They appreciate it but I wonder if they really know how long it takes to do it for those of us who enjoy making a positive difference in their writing errors.

  8. Thanks for your comment, and I guess you have a great point. It’s really about the message and not the errors. I think I am such a detailed person and analytically perceptive that it might bother me more than others. Great point!!

  9. frizztext says:

    I always find a lot of formal errors – but behind that I am always searching for the soul of the writer, and always I find the author’s message – not disturbed by some errors …

    • Hey Frizz, I tend to agree with you… as artists, I think we are always looking for the underlying message…believing that the artistic expression of the idea and thought is foremost. But, we know, at the same time the message of professionalism and discipline is also a part of the end result which is helped by the correct and precise delivery of the message. I am not neccessarily a professionally trained artst, so I can truly relate to letting the art speak for itself in whatever form it comes…

      There is beauty in the imperfect….

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